Distar Home Appliances was founded in 2002 AD by Lt. Mr. Ngim Pasang Sherpa, the former chairman of Araniko Group and founding promoter in Janata Bank ltd. Mr. Sherpa, was also Founding Promoters in Lumbini General Insurance Ltd. Mr. Sherpa, The Founding Advisory President of "Nepal Trans Himalayan Border Commerce Association" was Promoter in Mailung Khola Hydropower too.

Our Mission and Vision

To enhance and maintain the quality of the products with enough supply by triggering and locating the potential customers and satisfying their requirements.

About us

Distar home appliances is a private limited company which specializes in the business of importing, assembling and distribution of most of the electronic home appliances in different parts of nepal.

Forewords from Managing Director

We are in the electronic home appliances business for more than two decades, and there’ve been ups and downs like any other businesses. We've served and solved the general citizen's problems and requirements. We walk tall for becoming the pioneer in home appliances industry and have accomplished in building our brand and letting our valued customer believe in us. We plan to expand and enrich our field of expertise and find ways to serve best to our customers with our consistency in product quality and supply.

Distar Nepal, Who We Are?

We are an Electronics manufacturing company. We import, fabricate, and assemble a range of home appliances products in Nepal, and distribute to a widespread dealership and distributorship network in almost every location of Nepal.